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Musical excellence presented in a quiet country setting.  Email:
for information or Reservations.

Musical excellence presented in a quiet country setting. Email: for information or Reservations.

Things to know about shows at the Farmhouse

  • Party gets started an hour before the show starts, usually 5:00, but once the music starts,  listening room rules will apply. (shhhh)   
  • Suggested donation is $25 (If you don't have it, come anyway) 
  • The performers will typically have a merchandise table.  Please take a few minutes before you leave to meet the performer(s) purchase a CD or a Tee Shirt, or just add tips to the till. 
  • Performers always get 100% of the donations.  If you want to pay in advance you can do that with Venmo here:  Otherwise, just bring cash to the show.
  • Very Important!!   Directions and Parking:  Plug in "High Field Lane" Chester CT on your GPS.  While my address is 103 Goose Hill Rd, you must turn onto High Field Lane to access my driveway and parking.  There is parking along the right side of High Field Lane and in my driveway, which is the first one on the right after you've turned off Goose Hill Rd onto High Field Lane.  Parking is limited so please carpool when possible.
  • Bring your own chairs or blankets.  Seating is on the grassy slope up from my patio where performers will play.
  • Bring your own food and drink and take away what is not consumed.  There will be a table to share ... finally, so if you want to share your delicious food or bagged goodies with others, please do.
  • It's outdoors so weather may impact the schedule.  Most shows have a rain date of the following day, but not all, so check to sure we're on if the weather is iffy. 
  • Bathroom is inside.  Please be considerate since this is my home.  There is no lock on the bathroom door so please knock and wait for an answer before barging in.
  • No smoking or drugs of any kind.
  • Alcohol is fine, but check yourself, no drunkenness can be tolerated.
  • Please do not bring your pets.  As much as I love them (we have 2 dogs and a cat and some fish, a skink and a tortoise) they would be a distraction to the musical goings on.

"Where words fail, Music speaks"* 

*Hans Christian Andersen

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Jesse Terry

the Farmhouse, 103 Goose Hill Rd, Chester

This has been rescheduled from May 21 to May 28th. Jesse Terry- The first time I saw Jesse perform I was just gobsmacked, as they say in the UK. He was fun, engaging, sincere and so, so talented. His voice simply melted me... I don't know how else to describe it. Since then he has become a staple of my music listening and performance attending routines. That just makes it all extra cool that he will be here at the Farmhouse for this show. — Jay Smith of put it this way..."Terry would fit right in with the songwriters of the 1960s and ’70s. Listening to his music, it’s easy to imagine hearing his songs on the radio in between cuts by Bob Dylan, James Taylor, Jackson Browne and Joni Mitchell.” Jesse earned a degree from Berklee College of Music and went on to a five-year staff writer gig on Nashville's Music Row penning material for major TV networks, and winning prestigious songwriting awards. Now Jesse tours the US and the UK performing up to 150 shows per year. Usually accompanied by his beloved wife Jess and their precious 2 year old Lilly, he performs for his countless fans who generally consider him the "nicest guy in the music business" In the words of Music News Nashville, Jesse "bring[s] to mind iconic artist/poets like Paul Simon and Jackson Browne... [with] a performance that touches the heart like only a whisper can." I couldn't agree more. His song, "Stargazer" has become an anthem for me. Check out this awesome video shot in the Bamburgh castle on the UK coast.

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Rupert Wates

the Farmhouse, Chester, CT

Rupert Wates was born in London and studied at Oxford University. He has been a full time songwriter since the late 1990s, when he signed a publishing contract with Eaton Music Limited. In London he worked with some of the best performers in the city. Moving in 2001 to Paris, Wates formed his own quartet and began playing live regularly. In fall 2006 he came to the US. He is now based in New York City and Colorado. Since coming to the US, he has won more than 50 songwriting and performing awards (

His music is an eclectic mix of acoustic, melodic art/folk, with flavors of jazz, vaudeville and cabaret. He has released nine solo CDs. They have received outstanding reviews in the international online press and tracks from them have been played on radio all over the world. In addition, Wates' songs have been covered by other artists in the UK, Canada and the US.

Rupert Wates averages 120 live shows every year, in acoustic venues in every state in America, in Canada and in Europe. He prefers smaller listening rooms where the audience is up close and the emphasis is on the music. He was voted an Artist Of The Year in both 2013 and 2016 by the international house concert network, "Concerts In Your Home". In 2018, Wates was a Finalist in the Kerrville New Folk Song Contest, and an Emerging Artist at Falconridge Folk Festival.

Despite Wates' British background, and underpinning the universality of his music's appeal, Folk And Acoustic Music Exchange has called him "a prime figure in American music'' (

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Ava Earl

the Farmhouse, 103 Goose Hill Rd, Chester

Before finishing high school, Alaska singer-songwriter Ava Earl has checked off many life dreams - opening for Maggie Rogers, playing music festival main stages, getting recruited to run track and cross-country at Northwestern University, and releasing her fourth studio album, The Roses, released July 23, 2021 (produced by JT Nero (Birds of Chicago) with backup vocals by Allison Russell). Having written hundreds of songs and performing on nearly as many stages, her creative output outpaces her years. She’s a person in perpetual motion, the finish line never quite crossed and the last note never quite hit. Her momentum, in step and song, doesn’t let down. “I’m addicted to writing songs. I don’t think I could stop if I wanted to.” It’s the same with running, which in tandem, provides a cathartic release that allows her to sing about self-realizations and feelings that for many–no matter the age–are buried deep within one’s psyche.

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Brian Dunne

the Farmhouse, Chester, CT

Bio: Raised in New York, Dunne got his start the old fashioned way, crisscrossing the country performing hundreds of shows a year as he built up a dedicated fanbase one night at a time. He released a pair of acclaimed albums along the way—2015’s ‘Songs From The Hive’ and 2017’s ‘Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements’—that garnered frequent airplay on SiriusXM and helped land him dates with everyone from Cat Power and Justin Townes Earle to Rosanne Cash and The Secret Sisters, alongside high profile spots on Cayamo and NPR’s Mountain Stage. His 2020 release, "Selling Things" was released to critical acclaim, with Rolling Stone calling the lead single a "stunner." He currently lives in Brooklyn with his wife and cat.

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Craig Bickhardt

the Farmhouse, 103 Goose Hill Rd, Chester

This will be a labor day Pot Luck BBQ topped off by the exquisite music of Craig Bickhardt. Check him out here:

When Craig Bickhardt steps onto a concert stage, he comes equipped with his trusty acoustic guitar, but he's also accompanied by something invisible, yet ever-present: the stories of a lifetime, vividly translated into words and melody.

Craig is a singer/songwriter of the old school – you can hear echoes of such 60s folk revival artists as Tom Rush, Gordon Lightfoot and Eric Andersen in his work. Added to this is the melodic sophistication of a Jimmy Webb or a Paul Simon, as well as a spare but telling lyric approach. “I admire songwriters like Woody Guthrie and poets like Robert Frost because they created functional art,” he says. “Too much music today is just for the singer, not for Everyman. I think of my work as a "Please Touch‟ museum – I want my songs to be sung until they‟re worn out.”

Also crucial to Craig‟s art is his virtuosic guitar work, interweaving folk, blues, country and ragtime influences into a unique whole: “The guitar isn‟t just an accompanying instrument for me – sometimes it‟s the front man and my voice is the accompanist.”

A Craig Bickhardt live set is a mix of absurd anecdotes and personal confessions, accompanying a well-stocked bag of original tunes and the occasional choice cover. His decades in music have given his performances the depth of experience – his love songs seem sweeter and more poignant, his story-song narratives more true-to-life than they could have in the past.

“I think people come to my shows to be reminded that there‟s something profound in the small stuff we experience every day,” he says. “My goal is to get an audience to look deeper at the things we all take for granted.”

Craig Bickhardt travels light to his gigs – but he brings a great deal to the stage. He combines a seasoned troubadour‟s easy command of his art with a beginner‟s passion to win over his next audience and top his next song. The stories of his lifetime are simply too good not to share.

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