Lines Untied

As the days go by, the body aches a little more each day and the hair, what's left of it, turns grayer still, I am more and more inclined to wonder just why I pursue this musical quest.  I know most of us would like the answer to be, because it's fun!!   Well, it certainly is fun, but it's also a lot of work.  I recently spent a couple days intensely studying and learning some music and realized that after 3 or 4 hours of that I was more exhausted than a full days work. (I work as a carpenter so my work is fairly physical).  
I guess the real answer would have to be, because my life fits together better and I am simply a happier person if I am able to express myself musically.
An old band mate that is now in a big time band wrote a song, Dream, which talks about keeping at it and not putting yourself, or letting others, put you out to pasture... "I'll be walking, talking, but it wont be me, the day I ever get too old to dream."  Blue Sky Riders

So I'm taking it as a challenge to put myself out there and keep living the best days of my life.  I've still got stuff to say.  I've still got music in me!!  Dr. Wayne Dyer said, "Don't die with your music still in you".  I'm going to do my best to keep getting it out there so that when my time is up, everything I've hoped to say musically is accomplished.

And not for nothing, but the best musicians I know are the older folks who have kept playing all these years.  Just listen to Steely Dan, Sting, Yes, Jackson Browne, and tell me they don't sound better now than when their music was all over the charts.  I may not be aged to perfection, but I'm not dead yet!!

So, come along for the ride if you will.  I'm getting some cool stuff together with some very talented people and there will be new music, and shows and things to enjoy as things that restrained me in younger years fall away and I become less and less tethered to my stubborn Yankee ways (my kids are shaking their heads and saying.. oh no!!! )  There's a freedom in letting go.  Fear, yes, that too.  But at this time of life what's the point of giving in to fear?!  In times of transition I find these words by David WIlcox to be inspiring...

" and what strange breezes make a sailor want to let it come to this. With lines untied, slipping through my fist"

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